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Evelyn Hamilton Chair in Liberal Education

University of Lethbridge

Title: Evelyn Hamilton Chair in Liberal Education
Rank: Assistant Professor
Tenure Information: Tenure Track

Position Details
The University of Lethbridge seeks an outstanding candidate for the Evelyn Hamilton Chair in Liberal Education.

The University of Lethbridge was established in 1967 as a liberal education institution, and the formation of the School of Liberal Education in 2017 reaffirmed our commitment to liberal education as our foundational teaching and learning philosophy. Our model of liberal education traces its roots back to the Roman Empire, where it was the education given to free citizens to enable them to participate in the running of their society. We offer students a liberal education, the best preparation for their future, which provides a wide base of knowledge and promotes academic skills that students can apply broadly. We emphasize a broad education across a variety of disciplines and viewpoints that allows students to integrate their knowledge to solve complex problems. We encourage strong critical thinking skills: the asking of good questions, the unpacking of assumptions, the use of multiple viewpoints, the ability to collect and organize and evaluate information carefully, the ability to make reasoned and evidence based decisions, and the skills to communicate and defend those decisions to a wider audience. These skill sets will enable our graduates to succeed in a rapidly changing job-market, and to be good citizens at all levels of community, from local to global, as they are able to understand the importance of collective decisions based on careful reasoning and mindful of the public good.

The School of Liberal Education currently offers courses across the Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. Our introductory course Knowledge across Disciplines (Lib Ed 1000) guides students through a careful multi-disciplinary examination of how knowledge is created and what constitutes evidence and proof in different areas of human thought. We also offer courses in quantitative reasoning skills and problem-solving, as well as upper-level seminar courses on various topics. We challenge our students to question and think carefully about what they know and why, and to defend the conclusions they come to with evidence and reasoning. The ability to engage in the critical examination of thinking and learning, including data, media and policy analysis, is more important than ever in our current world of information overload, misinformation and “fake news.” We have proposed a new minor in Information and Communication, expected to start in May 2022, which includes Liberal Education courses, Library Science and Academic Writing courses; the opportunity to provide additional upper level courses in this area would round out this minor for our students and make them attractive to employers.

The School of Liberal Education, University of Lethbridge, seeks a scholar to fill the Evelyn Hamilton Chair in Liberal Education funded with an endowment from Art Crooks and family. The overarching objective of the Chair is to contribute active leadership to the promotion of our Liberal Education goals of rigorous inquiry supporting the creation of well rounded and resilient citizens of the world. This is a leadership role that will foster an environment of examination from multiple perspectives.

The successful candidate will be a strong leader and communicator and who is able to teach, conduct research and perform service and outreach both within the School of Liberal Education and in the broader community. This includes teaching courses associated with critical thinking and a clear focus on evidence-based ways of knowing, in which students challenge their views and assumptions. They will encourage robust investigation and discourse with open inquiry grounded in data driven methodologies. Research and teaching expertise relating to the broad area of critical literacy; expertise in information literacy, media analysis, quantitative/statistical literacy or critical knowledge theory is required. The incumbent will also provide leadership in promoting liberal education through scholarship and connections to the university and local community.

We seek an early- to mid-career scholar, with a broad inter-disciplinary background and/or training in liberal education. Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in an area of research involving critical literacy, information or data literacy, media analysis, quantitative/statistical literacy, or critical knowledge theory. Applicants must be able to articulate how their experience, focus and approach embodies critical thinking and multiple ways of knowing. Applicants are encouraged to indicate areas of expertise and experience relevant to Liberal Education.

The successful candidate will be appointed to a probationary (tenure track) position. The Evelyn Hamilton Chair runs for an initial five-year term, with the possibility of renewal contingent on a successful performance review.

The University of Lethbridge is ranked #2 in the Maclean’s rankings for primarily undergraduate universities in Canada and is a provincial leader in Liberal Education. Located in southern Alberta, near the Rocky Mountains, Lethbridge offers a sunny, dry climate that is agreeably mild for the prairies, excellent cultural and recreational amenities and attractive economic conditions. Founded in 1967, the University has an enrollment of almost 9,000 students from around the world. We have remained true to who we are – student-focused, research-intensive, and grounded in liberal education. For more information about the University and the School of Liberal Education please visit our websites at and